Smoking cessation counselling

Smoking cessation counsellingCreated OnApril 14, 2020Last Updated OnOctober 27, 2020byadmin You are here: Main OSCE common in exam Smoking cessation counselling < All Topics Table of Contents Step/Task Pass Borderline Fail Introduce yourself to the patient and use his/her name       Explore other patient personal details (as occupation, residence, marital status and special habits of medical importance as smoking and alcohol)       Explores Ideas, Concerns, Expectations       5 As Approach Ask about: Types of smoking Frequency Duration Quitting history (and causes of failure) Effect of smoking on patient quality of life       Advice the patient to quit smoking   ** For example ** As your clinician, I need you to know that quiting smoking is the most important thing that you can do to protect your health now and future. The clinic staffs and I will help you.       Assess willing to quit. If willing, go through Assist If not, motivate him/her through the 5 Rs as described down.       Assist the patient to quit through Ask for a commitment Set a quitting date and tell your family and doctor Discuss methods to help the smoker to quit   **For example** Are you willing to quit? Within __days. You can select a date and you need to tell your family, friends about this, ask for understanding and support. Behavioral methods: Smoking diary. Progressive restriction Find alternatives to oral and hand activity. o Avoid smoking cues as ashtrays from surrounding environment. Develop social support. o Avoid situation that will tempt you to smoke (friends,parties). Use Self-help materials. o Learn to do something that will distract your craving Pharmacological methods o Nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patch, spray and lozenges) o Drugs as Bupropion and Varencline (dose, duration, effectiveness, side-effects and precautions) Other methods o Smoking cessation programs. o Acupunctures, hypnosis.         Arrange for follow up plan or referral       5 Rs Approach (In case the patient is not willing to quit)       **Please research/search and memorize some facts or infos...

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