Respiratory Distress of Newborn (RDS)

Respiratory Distress of Newborn (RDS)Created OnMay 6, 2020Last Updated OnMay 6, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Radiology Respiratory Distress of Newborn (RDS) < All Topics Table of Contents Resulting from insufficient production of surfactant in preterm Surfactant diminishes alveolar surface tension thereby preventing atelectasis (collapse) of the alveoli and acini and assisting in the maintenance of normal respiratory function. Predisposed – premature < 34 weeks, caesarian section and infant of diabetic mother Symptoms include tachypnoea, expiratory grunting, nasal flaring and recession Chest X-Ray Diffuse ground glass appearance (as image) Low volume lung Bell-shaped thorax Air bronchograms may be evident Often bilateral and symmetrical Hypoaeration in non-ventilated lungs Lung whiteout in severe cases *Some of the image photo is taken from web, we do not own this, it’s for knowledge sharing purpose.

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