Paediatric- Pyloric Stenosis

Paediatric- Pyloric StenosisCreated OnMay 7, 2020Last Updated OnMay 7, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Radiology Paediatric- Pyloric Stenosis < All Topics Table of Contents Abdominal X-Ray Non-specific findings, may show a distended stomach with minimal distal intestinal bowel gas. Image: Gas filled dilated stomach with a paucity of bowel gas in the small and large bowel. Ultrasound Ultrasound is the modality of choice. Characterized by increased pyloric muscle thickness, length and also diameter. The accuracy of ultrasound is operator dependent Diagnostic measurements include: Pyloric muscle thickness (hypoechoic component) on a transverse image: >3 mm (most accurate) Length (Longitudinal measurement) >15-17 mm Pyloric volume: >1.5 cm Pyloric transverse diameter: >13 mm Elongated pyloric canal with increased pyloric muscle thickness. Enlarged pylorus. The length was 16 mm and the muscle thickness was 4 mm. *Some of the image photo is taken from web, we do not own this, it’s for knowledge sharing purpose.

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