Local ulcer examination

Local ulcer examinationCreated OnApril 2, 2020Last Updated OnApril 15, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Clinical Examination Local ulcer examination < All Topics Table of Contents During history taking we must include- mode of onset (spontaneous /following trauma), duration, associate pain, discharge (colour, smell), associate disease (high blood pressure, diabetes etc). Local examination: Inspection site, size, shape, numbers, discharge, surrounding area, floor (slough/ granulation tissue) and edge. It is necessary to look for the whole affected limbs ad draining lymph node area. Types of Edge Palpation¬† Confirmation of size, depth and the edge of the ulcer Evaluation of the surrounding indurations (present in malignant and spreading ulcer), tenderness, fixity of the base to underlying structure (muscle, bone) , bleeding during touch Palpation of the draining lymph nodes Doctrina Perpetua Clinical Surgery 2nd edition* Taken from Doctrine Perpetua Clinical Surgery 2nd edition, get it now!! ** We do not own this youtube video, it’s for sharing purpose

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