Froment’s sign for testing Ulnar nerve

Froment’s sign for testing Ulnar nerveCreated OnApril 18, 2020Last Updated OnApril 18, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Clinical Examination Froment’s sign for testing Ulnar nerve < All Topics Table of Contents This test is for the function of adductor pollicis longus which is supplied by the ulnar nerve. And if there is ulnar nerve palsy, the patient will try to adduct by the trick flexion of the thumb which is the action of the median nerve. Ask the patient to hold a piece of paper in between the thumb and the radial border of index finger and you pull the paper. If there is thumb adductor weakness, the patient will hold the paper by thumb flexion. Froment’s sign, note the flexion of the left thumb. Look at the patient’s left thumb flexion. The patient try to hold the paper by thumb adduction as in the right hand, but because of weakness in thumb adductor, he has to hold with median nerve action. Taken from Doctrina Perpetua: Physical examination in Orthopaedics

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