Empty can test for shoulder examination

Empty can test for shoulder examinationCreated OnApril 18, 2020Last Updated OnApril 18, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Clinical Examination Empty can test for shoulder examination < All Topics Table of Contents Jobe’s test (popularly known as ‘empty can’ test) Supraspinatus tendinitis is at the anterior edge of the acromion process. The patient may complain tenderness on the tip of the shoulder. You should have an idea after general examination of the shoulder. Ask the patient to flex forward 200 and 70-90 0 abduction with arm in internal rotation. If there is supraspinatus tendonitis, patient will feel pain and when you apply downward pressure on the arm, the patient could not resist. You can stand behind the patient and can test bilateral simultaneously. Empty can test from behind the patient. You may test both sides at the same time. Taken from Doctrina Perpetua: Physical examination in Orthopaedics

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