Buckle fracture- Greenstick and torus

Buckle fracture- Greenstick and torusCreated OnMay 5, 2020Last Updated OnMay 5, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Radiology Buckle fracture- Greenstick and torus < All Topics Table of Contents Buckle fracture – Greenstick – Lateral Children have more pliable bones than adults and are therefore more susceptible to buckle injuries A greenstick injury comprises a bend in the bone on one side and a visible break in the bone cortex on the other side Buckle fracture – Greenstick – AP The AP image also shows buckling on one side of the radius and break in the cortex on the other Buckle fracture – Torus – Lateral A ‘Torus’ fracture is a buckle injury without a visible break in the bone cortex This lateral image shows buckling of the dorsal side cortex of both radius and ulna Buckle fracture – Torus – AP Buckling of the radius is easily spotted (arrowheads) There is also subtle cortical buckling of the ulna (ring) *Some of the image photo is taken from web, we do not own this, it’s for knowledge sharing purpose.

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