AsthmaCreated OnMay 4, 2020Last Updated OnMay 4, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Radiology Asthma < All Topics Table of Contents Chest Radiograph (Frontal and Lateral View) Pneumomediastinum – Air lucency (arrows) created by both the mediastinal parietal pleura and visceral pleura of the lung can outline the ascending aorta, aortic arch, descending aorta, and other vascular branches. A continuous diaphragm sign may also appear on frontal CXR view, as air separates the heart from the superior surface of the diaphragm on the left (Frontal view). Naclerio’s V sign is created by air lining the descending aorta intersecting with air along the left hemidiaphragm (Frontal View). *Some of the image photo is taken from web, we do not own this, it’s for knowledge sharing purpose.

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