Ankle fracture

Ankle fractureCreated OnMay 6, 2020Last Updated OnMay 6, 2020byadmin You are here: Main Radiology Ankle fracture < All Topics Table of Contents Ankle – Malleolus fracture – Weber A – AP The lateral malleolus tip is fractured This is a ‘Weber A’ injury – distal to the ankle join Ankle – Malleolus fracture – Weber B – AP A ‘Weber B’ fracture is at the same level as the ankle joint Ankle – Malleolus fracture – Weber B – Lateral The lateral view shows a less obvious fracture line through the distal fibula – partly obscured by the tibia Ankle – Bimalleolar fracture – Weber C – AP The lateral malleolus fracture is a ‘Weber C’ injury – above the ankle joint There is a transverse medial malleolus fracture The distal tibiofibular joint is also widened The ankle is completely unstable; the structures beyond the dotted line are detached from the tibia or fibula proximally Ankle – Trimalleolar fracture – AP ankle The Anterior-Posterior (AP) image shows fractures of both the lateral malleolus (Weber C) and medial malleolus Ankle – Trimalleolar fracture – Lateral The lateral image shows an additional fracture line passing in the coronal plane to the articular surface of the tibia The posterior corner of the tibia is also known as the ‘posterior malleolus’ Maisonneuve fracture – AP distal Tibia/Fibula This image does not show a fracture, but subtle widening of the ankle medially indicates instability at the distal tibiofibular joint Maisonneuve fracture – Lateral (proximal) A fracture of the proximal fibula associated with fracture or ligament injury of the medial ankle Ankle – Dislocation – AP view This image shows complete dislocation of the talus from the tibia Ankle – Dislocation – Lateral The lateral image also shows the tibia and fibula are no longer parallel Ankle – ‘Pilon’ fracture – AP A ‘pilon’ fracture is any fracture of the distal tibia which involves the articular surface of the tibia – also known as the ‘tibial plafond’ Ankle – ‘Pilon’ fracture – Lateral The lateral image demonstrates a step in the tibial plafond Ankle – Osteochondral fracture – AP Irregularity or depression of the talar dome surface may represent a significant defect of the bone (osteo) and cartilage (chondro) The talar dome surface is an important review area which should be assessed on all ankle X-rays Ankle – Salter-Harris fracture – Lateral A distal tibial fracture passes to the growth plate Note the normal unfused calcaneal apophysis which should not be mistaken for a fracture *Some of the image photo is taken from web, we do not own this, it’s for knowledge sharing purpose.

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