Where Affordable, Convenient & Quality Medical Learning Matters

Established in 2020 with the vision to facilitate learning of medical students and transform the learning experience by providing the quality learning materials in convenience, Medicgrams had been cooperated actively with several medical educators and professors of identical vision to launch this online medical platform as fountain of medical education contributing infinite pool of knowledges sharing and bonding the whole medical professional community together, and offers all-round supply of medical tools and educational materials.

Medicgrams had also been committed to work together with medical universities and medical bookstores to consistently update the medical education materials. In conjunction with our vision, we endeavour to improve the medical education by delivering the best quality of medical learning materials which are conveniently reached by the medical students, and thus further developed our online learning platform in response to the growing needs of risk-free online learning channel encountering the limited and risky offline tutorial issue during the overwhelming Covid-19 pandemic period. Our mission is to strive to continually provide quality online learning materials and made them affordable and easily accessible for the medical students and even medical practitioners in life-long learning process.